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It depends

Posted by TheFallen on November 29, 2002

In Reply to: Whats the best way to say... posted by tamio on November 29, 2002

: how do you usually say when something dont work and you have to get rid of it.

: Ex: You sent me a e-mail, but it's *corrupted*

: Whats the best way to use?

: Thanks in advance...

"Corrupted" is fine when referring to anything sent to you in electronic format, whether it be an email, an email attachment like a jpg file, a program on floppy disk or even a fax - corruption is a standard electronics/computing term to refer to the data (which is the thing sent) being faulty, mixed up or missing some parts.

However if your grandmother sends you a nice new coffee percolator for Christmas, but sadly it doesn't function, then that's best described as "faulty", or as you said yourself, "it doesn't work".