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Fruedian slip and "blows"

Posted by Bookworm on November 26, 2002

In Reply to: Fruedian slip and "blows" posted by Prakash on November 26, 2002

: I have two questions to ask.

: 1. What does it mean when an american says "That place blows"?

: 2. What is "Fruedian slip"? Also what does any phrase starting with 'Fruedian' mean?

: Thanks a lot for your help,
: Prakash

When an American says that something "blows", it is no compliment. "That place blows" means that the place in question is not worth one's time to visit. It is an alternative to "sucks", which means that something is not up to par, or objectionable in some way.

A Freudian slip is made when one mistakenly says something that reveals one's true subconcious feelings. For example, calling your current spouse by the name of your former spouse may be seen as an innocent mistake once or twice. However, if that mistake is made a third time, it may be seen as a Freudian slip and your current spouse may think you still have unresloved feelings for your former spouse.

To answer the last question, anything Freudian, an action, statement, etc. is one that shows one's true subconcious desires. I don't think the desires have to be sexual, although this was quite a preoccupation of Freud's.