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More Rubber

Posted by Bruce Kahl on November 14, 2002

In Reply to: Offer a rubber posted by R. Berg on November 14, 2002

: : : : Does anybody know what is the meaning of a phrase "OFFER THE RUBBER". Please see below the sentence it is used in ,

: : : : ------Well, did the Vice-Chairman offer the technology man a rubber in the short period that they met? "Yes, I did offer him a rubber, but he did not accept it." Any takers?----

: : : This seems to be one of the really embarrassing differences between UK and N American English! 'Rubber' in UK english, and other places as well, I guess, is something you use to 'rub out' pencil marks - an 'eraser' in NA English.
: : : 'Rubber' in NA English is a male cotraceptive device - a 'condom'(after the French Count who developed the original idea) in UK. Because of the French connection, they are also called 'French letters' in the UK.
: : : I guess your quote above is using NA English!!
: : : However, language is moving so quickly these days that I may be way off beam!

: : Also in the U.S., "rubbers" means men's boots -- the kind that slip on over shoes. So the vice-chairman could be offering an eraser, a condom or boots.

: Or an invitation to a game of bridge.

A rectangular slab of white rubber in the middle of a baseball infield on which a pitcher stands while pitching.

A contest consisting of an odd number of games won by the side that takes a majority (as two out of three).

Rubber check: A check drawn on an account without the funds to pay it

Burn rubber: Drive very fast, as in: "We'll have to burn rubber to get there in time."

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