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Angle of repose

Posted by Word Camel on November 14, 2002

In Reply to: Angle of repose posted by Bruce Kahl on November 14, 2002

: : Hi. The phrase "angle of repose" is used by the author Wallace Stegner as a title for one of his novels. But somehow it has some kind of ring to it..... not sure just what. A science phrase? Maybe someone here knows. Thanks. - Patty

: "Slopes composed of loose debris can be seen all around us. The angle at which such a mass of debris rests under given conditions is called the angle of repose. It has generally been accepted that such slopes tend to have an angle varying from 25 to 40 degrees."

The name of the book comes from the occupation of the grandfather of the central character's grandfather, Oliver Ward, who was a surveyor. It has multiple meanings in the context of the book though. In one sense, it's about rest and comtemplation of the end of the process of the making of the American West. It's also about rest and reflection at the end of ones life.

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