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Right here and now

Posted by ESC on November 12, 2002

In Reply to: Real time posted by Bookworm on November 12, 2002

: : Hi!

: : Does anyone know anything about the adjectival use of "real time" (like in "real time resources", "real time weather" etc.), especially how it could be defined and maybe where it is from and since when it has been used.

: : Thanks!

: Real time means that it is happening "live". This is a term out of the computer industry where it is used to denote processing that is done while a program is running and not prior to that, as at compile time. That is, the program must process information which it can only learn once it is running.
: So, real time weather reports mean that they are not taped and are given as the conditions at the actual moment you are hearing them.

It's like Wolf says in "The Talisman" (Stephen King and Peter Straub): "Right here and now!"

I am away from my library, but will check later and see if I can find a first use.

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