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Testing, testing

Posted by Gary on December 23, 2002

In Reply to: Testing, testing posted by James Briggs on December 23, 2002

: : Tested okay - back on the road.

: And broadcasting well.
: Merry Christmas, Gary, and thanks for all your work.
: PS. How about a small Christmas present for us all, and tell us how you came to set up this wonderful site?

Well, it goes like this. I always liked puns and wordplay jokes - brought up on Round the Horne you see.

Just for fun I thought I'd try to write a program that would take a word and do the lateral thinking bit of a pun. Once that was done and on the Internet, English people kept mailing me and saying 'we're unhappy, why don't you add the meanings of all these phrases?' and Americans mailed saying 'crazy Limey, there's a buck to be made here, you should charge for this'. Being easily led I did both. The discussion group came later; mainly I have to say, to divert the whole nine zillion mails I was getting about origins and meanings. Thanks to you regular contributors I now get very litle mail, the forum has a life of it's own (17,000 postings at the last count), and I can shrink back into my natural role of backroom boy.

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