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This page rules!

Posted by Ocho on December 23, 2002

In Reply to: This page rules! posted by ESC on December 23, 2002

: : Sweet Jesus!

: : You guys are great! I really have to remember this page. Finally, a discussion group not about porn, yet still interesting!

: : Tell me, do you guys follow urban American street lingo? There are volumes and they are easiestly tracked in Rap.

: : When I was in grade school we used the term "gay" as bad, lame, or uncool. Last week I was in a pizza parlor and I heard a group of kids use a new word in the same way. The line was, "Dude, I can't believe you did that! That was so racist." "No, you're a racist!" "No, you are!"... ad nauseum. I think that might prove to be an interesting trend.

: That's interesting -- the switch from "gay" to "racist."

My guess is that they were told that it is not nice to use the term "gay" negatively. Hopefully that use has fallen out of favor with kids. Perhaps they determined that "racist" was a word that was ok to through around negatively. That's the beauty of kid logic. I hope it catches on!

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