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Texas saying: Cute as a Bug's Ear

Posted by Jackalope on December 15, 2002

Howdy! First of all, I just ran across this website, and find it fascinating! And now, to the point: we're famous in Texas for all our little sayings, such as "that dog'll hunt," etc. We're also a melting pot of sorts--we've German, Spanish, Czech, French, English, African, American Indian, Lebanese, and dozens other influences that played significant roles in how our country (yes, we WERE OUR OWN COUNTRY FIRST) was settled--we just wouldn't be the same without them. One of our sayings that I can't for the life of me figure out if it originated here, or was brought here is: "Cute as a bug's ear." People here use it in conversation when we really admire something, such as "Did you see her new hat? Now, that's just as cute as a bug's ear." Does anyone else out there know where this might have come from?