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Cricket vs. cricket?

Posted by ESC on October 26, 2002

In Reply to: Cricket vs. cricket? posted by Gary on October 26, 2002

: : I have often wondered about the connection between "cricket", the game and "cricket", the insect. I have read several definitions that say they are both from the Old French "criquet", but then they give different meanings for "criquet" - one is to chirp imitatively and the other is a wooden stick.

: : Is there a connection? I'm also wondering - just in passing - if there are crickets (the insects) in Britain. I never heard any in all my time there. (Though I did once give a friend a mechanical one).

: : Camel

: There were crickets around in England when I was a lad. In fact we used to keep them in little cages near the hearth. I don't know why, it's something many people did. I've not heard one for years now though.

Aren't crickets supposed to be good luck? Maybe that's why people imprisoned the little things.

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