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Getting whacked

Posted by ESC on October 24, 2002

In Reply to: Getting whacked posted by R. Berg on October 24, 2002

: : : Last Friday I went to a workshop and acquired several phrases that were new to me.

: : : VORTEX PUBLIC FIGURE -- A speaker talking about libel laws in the U.S. said it is more difficult to sue for libel if one is a "public" person. He listed three categories: public official (upper level government employee), public figure (movie star, etc.), and vortex public figure (someone who is caught up in an event/controversy).

: : : UBI FILE - Useless bits of information file.

: : : BIBLE BUMP - A bump on a hand (a cyst?) that will disappear if whacked by a large book - like the Bible. This wasn't part of the workshop. Someone mentioned this at lunch. Gruesome.

: : Now I've heard of the custom of whacking a family Bible onto a lump to "cure it", but not the term "Bible bump". I'm no medico, but I believe that the condition so "cured" is a ganglion that can appear on the wrist (not the hand). Don't ask me what a ganglion strictly is, though.

: I believe the lump is a fluid-filled cyst. Some doctors use a heavy medical book. The blow disperses the fluid.

This was on the top of her hand and poked up in a little peak. I'll have to call her and ask, "What was that thing again?" She's a native of Texas by the way. Thought I'd add that for the record.

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