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I surrender!

Posted by Bruce Kahl on October 16, 2002

In Reply to: I surrender! posted by Word Camel on October 16, 2002

: : : : Is usa(d)ge a British spelling? In our unabridged dictionary, I found no alternate spelling for "usage."

: : : : I know that we Yanks have our own spelling for some words, stemming from our desire to separate ourselve from the mother country. Perhaps this is one of them.

: : : : ES

: : : I think it was a play on a typo in the subject of your original post where you accidentally spellled usage u-s-a-d-g-e.

: : I checked a few sources and found no such word as "usadge".
: : Also I found no such word as "spellled".
: : The irony of it all!

: My fourth grade teacher told me my spelling would come back to haunt me. Mrs. Williams, where ever you are, I was not worthy! :)

Not worthy?
The irony continues:
My brother and I were last evening recalling to our children how the Catholic nuns in grammar school used to pull the hairs on our sideburns as torture for not memorizing certain hymms and prayers one of which contained the phrase "Oh, Lord I am not worthy....". I got especially slammed once for thinking the phrase was "Oh Lord I am not WORRIED". Sister Francis Johanna didn't like that.

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