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Posted by R. Berg on October 13, 2002

In Reply to: Touch wood posted by Is this the same as knock on wood? Don't know the answer to both. on October 12, 2002

: : It's an expression used when wishing good fortune to a person or venture. "Good luck at the job interview! Touching wood for you!" "I hope the weather is good for the barbeque tomorrow. Touch wood!"

: : I've been told it refers to a medieval custom of touching a piece of the "True Cross," or of a reliquary that contained such a piece. Can anybody corroborate this?

Dear newcomer: In the section called "Post a followup," your name (or whatever you want to call yourself) goes in the box labeled "Name." Your message goes in the box labeled "Comments," at the bottom of the typing that's already there. I don't mean to squelch your individuality, but typing a message where it says "Name" makes for a funny-looking result that fills up the board too fast.

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