English pronunciation

Posted by James Briggs on April 06, 2002

I refuse to enter into the 'brass monkey' discussion again!

Howevr, in the past we have had discussions about the difficulties of English pronunciation. The Times has had recent letters on this same topic. Today, 6th April, the following came in from Mr John Goodhand an English teacher- I thought it worth a repeat.

"Sir, Three decades of my pupils have enjoyed and, I hope, benefited from Bennet Cerf's verses (letters, March 26 and April l):

The wind was rough
And cold and blough;
She kept her hands inside her mough

It chilled her through,
Her nose turned blough,
And still the squall the faster flough

And yet although
There was no snough,
The weather was a cruel fough

It made her cough,
(Please do not scough);
She coughed until her hat blew ough"