Feminine form of "bull headed"

Posted by Bob on December 26, 2001

In Reply to: Feminine form of "bull headed" posted by Maxwell on December 26, 2001

: We often hear that a man is "bull headed" or "pig headed" meaning unreasonably strong willed and maybe stubborn too. But I have not heard these terms applied to woman, and yet we all know women who can be this way too. Are there terms or phrases applied to women for the same characteristic? Thank you.

Men commit 97% of all felonies, but that does not prevent women from robbing banks. Since "bull-headedness" is a testosterone-driven behavior, I suspect 97% (plus or minus a bit) of the guilty parties are male, but there's nothing preventing women from doing likewise, or suffering the same label. I've known a few women I could tar with that brush, but not many.