Stepped on a rake

Posted by Sauerkraut on October 30, 2001

In Reply to: Stepped on a rake posted by Bob on October 29, 2001

: : My husband recently received a note from someone in Britain who used the expression "I stepped on a rake" to mean that he caused himself some trouble, or stumbled into a bad situation. Is this a common phrase, or just a metaphor this particular individual chose? Thanks. - Patty

: I have heard it before, but not often enough to be a cliche. It's certainly vivid.

I have seen this phrase associated with a short-tined metal garden rake left carelessly lying with the tines up. If one were to accidentally step in the rake, the handle would come up with some force, giving the unfortunate victim as sudden whack.

An old joke tells of a woman who is giving a garden party hiring two locals to clean up and set up for the gala. She is about to pay the men when she notices one of them turning somersaults and dancing wildly on the lawn. "Marvelous!", she says to the other. "Do you think your friend might be willing to entertain at my party?"

"Hey Joe", the guy yells, "can you stand another rap in the crotch with the rake?"