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Not On Your Nellie

Posted by Gary Martin on September 04, 2001

In Reply to: Not On Your Nellie posted by Peter Pritchard on September 04, 2001

: G'day from Aussie,

: we don't have any strange phrases down under, but what about this bonza old pommy one

: anyone got any ideas?
: Cheers, Pete

Strewth mate, no strange phrases in Oz? I'd say I get more inventive and colourful phrases submitted from down under than anywhere else - wonderful way with language - mostly to do with drink and its consequences I must admit.

- Crack a tinnie of the golden throat charmer/amber nectar
- Praying at the procelain alter
- Calling for Hughie.

Always picking up new stuff from Neighbours too. I especially like 'sticky beaking' for being nosey.

No worries,

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