Like teaching the taste of chocolate.....

Posted by E. on December 08, 1999

In Reply to: Like teaching the taste of chocolate..... posted by C.M.B on December 08, 1999

: I have spent days (no kidding) searching for the story that speaks to
: trying to explain life's lessons that you just have to experience to
: truly understand. The end of it says 'it is like teaching chocolate to
: one who has never tasted it'. Does anyone know it.. or know where it can be
: found? I am a guidance counselor in an elementary school and would like
: to share it with my students.

I've heard similiar expressions -- about "the blues" and about teaching the color red to a person who was blind from birth. But I couldn't find what you're looking for. I did find several cool quotes about experience, if that will help.