Questions for Blocky

Posted by Blocky on November 09, 1999

In Reply to: Questions for Blocky posted by Bob on November 09, 1999

Awwwww, the London slang homepage takes all the fun out of it, although it doesn't include a lot of information about origins

In the last few years it has become a bit of a Steffi for 'cockneys' (now extended to anyone in London who thinks they are hard) to re invent rhyming slang, with the popularity of some films. Honestly, a lot of them make it up as they go along, which was the whole idea originally, to confuse people and allow them to talk about 'stuff' in front of people. I see that in the forum further down someone asks how to coin their own phrase. Forget it !, far easier to invent your own tooth and fang (see, I just did it myself - I better copyright that .....)

PS Dummy from Harrods, yes it is the London store (could be Macys or Tiffanys if you want), and it's not rhyming slang, just a phrase which means that someone has no input to anything, a statue, a cipher