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Kangaroo court

Katy bar the door

Keen as mustard

Keep a stiff upper lip

Keep a wide berth

Keep body and soul together

Keep it under your hat

Keep schtum

Keep the ball rolling

Keep up with the Joneses

Keep your chin up

Keep your hands clean

Keep your nose clean

Keep your nose to the grindstone

Keep your pecker up

Keep your powder dry


Kettle of fish

Khyber pass

Kick the bucket

Kick your heels

Kickin' - Alive and

Kilroy was here

King James' Version of the Bible

Kiss and tell

Kiss me Hardy
(The whole) kit and caboodle

Knee-jerk reaction


Knight in shining armour

Knock back

Knock into a cocked hat

Knock off

Knock on wood

Know the ropes

Know your onions

Know which way the wind blows

Knuckle down

Knuckle under

Kowtow to