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Re: 5 phrases plz.

Posted by Kathaab afandi on August 09, 2003

In Reply to: Re: 5 phrases plz. posted by Henry on August 08, 2003

: : hi...need to know the meaning for these phrases..thank you.

: : 1.we are pulling for you.
: : 2.hang in there.
: : is kicking the shit out of me.
: : 4.thanks for the heads up.
: : 5.We are all rooting for you.

: These are American phrases.
: 1. We are supporting you.
: 2. Don't give up.
: 3. I've got lots of problems.
: 4. Thanks for the advance warning.
: From the archives; It's become an office "buzz word" or should I say "buzz phrase" in recent years in the U.S. meaning "warning" or "advance notice." See the archives for more.
: 5. We are supporting you.

In what situations do we use phrases 1,2 and 5?