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Re: Is there a phrase for......

Posted by ESC on July 11, 2003

In Reply to: Re: Is there a phrase for...... posted by R. Berg on July 11, 2003

: : Is there a phrase for the effect on individuals of our time, where standards, morals, and customs have been shifting so quickly? The sense of dislocation that older or middle-age people can feel, and the perplexity that younger people may feel in the general circumstance. There is the word "anomie" for a lack of morals or of standards of social conduct. But I'm grasping for a phrase, and maybe particularly for one that relates to effects, rather than the social condition itself.

: Future shock.

People lose their "place." A matriarch is widowed and moves in with her daughter. The older woman was used to being the center of the family and now she is "displaced."