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Again on that 'Reading Comprehension'

Posted by Sphinx on March 27, 2004

Dear Webmaster: If you MUST delete my thread, could you do me a GREAT FAVOR telling me WHY first?????!!!!!

The keys are:1. B 2. C 3. D 4. B 5. A

Could you help me with question No.4 and 5?

4.Why isn't the author saying 'he won't let his son watch Sesame Street' according to the this sentence?
'I might be letting my young son watch too much television. '

5.What knid of feeling does he hold exactly? And why the author wants Elmo to be real?
'I think we'll turn off the TV and go out for a walk. Maybe we'll run into that mouse who dresses well but certainly doesn't speak as clearly as the average bear.'


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