phrase thesaurus

A list of phrases containing the word "swing"...

  • Bitch slap ( a full swing slap in the face intended to be humiliating )
  • Get into the swing of it
  • I'll swing for you
  • In full swing
  • In the swing
  • It don't mean a thing if it ain't got swing
  • No room to swing a cat
  • Sultan of Swing ( Nickname of Wasim Akram - Pakistani cricketer )
  • Swing both ways
  • Swing by ( slang expression meaning drop in for a visit )
  • Swing for the fences ( A baseball expression meaning try for a substantial gain )
  • Swing in the wind
  • Swing the lead
  • Take a swing at
  • Take cuts at someone ( A baseball expression meaning taking a verbal swing or striking a blow at a reputation )
  • The King of Swing ( Nickname of Benny Goodman )

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