phrase thesaurus

A list of phrases containing the word "roll"...

  • Heads will roll
  • I Wanna Rock And Roll All Night ( Kiss song )
  • It's Only Rock And Roll, But I Like It ( Rolling Stones song )
  • Let the good times roll
  • On a roll
  • Ready to roll
  • Rock And Roll Dreams Come True ( Meatloaf song )
  • Rock and roll
  • Roll Over Beethoven ( Chuck Berry song )
  • Roll call
  • Roll deep
  • Roll in the aisles
  • Roll in the hay
  • Roll off the tongue
  • Roll out the red carpet
  • Roll over and play dead
  • Roll up your sleeves
  • Roll up, roll up, all the fun of the fair
  • Roll with the punches
  • Sex and drugs, and rock and roll
  • Shake Rattle And Roll ( Bill Haley song )
  • Stop drop and roll
  • The King of Rock 'N' Roll ( Nickname of Elvis Presley )
  • Whatever it is I think I see becomes a Tootsie Roll to me! ( Tootsie Rolls advertising slogan )

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