phrase thesaurus

A list of phrases containing the word "making"...

  • A legend in the making
  • Cringe making
  • First footing ( making a round of visits at New Year )
  • For years we've been making our products as if lives depend on them ( Squib drug products advertising slogan )
  • History in the making
  • Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans ( John Lennon quotation )
  • Making smoking 'safe' for smokers ( Bonded Tobacco Company advertising slogan )
  • Making the sky the best place on Earth ( Air France advertising slogan )
  • Making the unmissable, unmissable ( BBC advertising slogan )
  • Mischief making
  • Triple play ( A baseball expression denoting the act of making three outs during the same play )
  • We have ways of making you talk

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