phrase thesaurus

A list of phrases containing the word "both"...

  • A foot in both camps
  • A plague on both your houses ( the meaning and origin of this phrase... )
  • Both oars in the water
  • Both sides of the desk
  • Burn the candle at both ends ( the meaning and origin of this phrase... )
  • Happy sad ( a bitterweet feeling combining both happiness and sadness )
  • Have it both ways
  • Have your bread buttered on both sides
  • He doesn't have both oars in the water
  • I'm Gonna Love Her For The Both Of Us ( Meatloaf song )
  • Jump in with both feet
  • Look both ways
  • Play both ends against the middle
  • Pox on both your houses
  • Swing both ways
  • The best of both worlds
  • With both barrels
  • Work both sides of the street

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