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A list of phrases related to the word "waves"...

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  • A life on the ocean waves
  • Brain wave
  • Britannia rules the waves
  • Britannia waives the rules
  • Catch a wave
  • Don't make waves
  • Foam at the mouth
  • Heat wave
  • Hold it up to the light, not a stain and shining light ( Surf Washing Powder advertising slogan )
  • Killer wave
  • Make waves
  • Mexican wave
  • On the crest of a wave
  • Ride a wave
  • Shoulder surf
  • Surf and turf
  • Surf report
  • Surf the net
  • Walking On Sunshine ( Katrina And The Waves song )
  • Wave the bloody shirt
  • Wave the white flag
  • Wave your magic wand
  • Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye

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