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  • Domestos kills ninety-nine per cent of all known germs ( Domestos Bleach advertising slogan )
  • Heaven sent
  • Hit send
  • I'll send all my loving to you ( Beatles song lyric )
  • On the scent
  • One Cent ( Nickname of Anfernee Hardaway )
  • Put off the scent
  • Scent marking ( Leaving a trail of scent marks )
  • Scent to bed ( French Connection United Kingdom advertising slogan )
  • Send In The Clowns ( Stephen Sondheim song )
  • Send a salami to your boy in the army
  • Send down
  • Send in the reinforcements
  • Send packing
  • Send your parcels Red Star and pull out all the stops ( Red Star advertising slogan )
  • Sent packing
  • Sent to Coventry
  • These little things are sent to try us

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