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  • Action plan
  • Buck the system
  • Business plan
  • Captain Underpants And The Perilous Plot Of Professor Poopypants ( Dav Pilkey book )
  • Citizen enterprise
  • Cook up a plan
  • Failing to plan is planning to fail
  • False jeopardy ( plot device in TV melodramas where danger is threatened only for it to be found to be a false alarm )
  • Free enterprise with every issue ( The Economist advertising slogan )
  • Game plan
  • Get it out of your system
  • Gunpowder treason and plot ( line from nursery rhyme )
  • I have a cunning plan ( A catchphrase from Blackadder )
  • In the grand scheme of things
  • Lose the plot
  • Lost the plot
  • Man with a plan
  • Now you're playing with power! ( Nintendo Entertainment System advertising slogan )
  • Plan B
  • Plan ahead
  • Ponzi scheme
  • Primal therapist ( psychotherapist who uses Primal Scream method of treatment )
  • Pyramid scheme
  • Shovel ready ( a building project in which all the preliminaries have been arranged )
  • Solar system
  • Surely the best tactic ( Tic Tac Candy advertising slogan )
  • The best laid schemes of mice and men
  • The best way to get music out of your system ( Philips advertising slogan )
  • The overall scheme of things
  • The plot thickens
  • There is no Plan B
  • There's method in my madness
  • Though this be madness, yet there is method in it
  • We pick you up ( Enterprise Car Rental advertising slogan )

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