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A list of phrases related to the word "response"...

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  • Only Smarties have the answer ( Smarties advertising slogan )
  • Right back at ya
  • Spit take ( spitting out a drink in response to a joke or surprise )
  • The answer is a lemon
  • The answer is at hand
  • The answer is staring you in the face
  • The answer my friend is blowing in the wind ( Bob Dylan song lyric )
  • The answer's yes. Now what's the question? ( Unipart advertising slogan )
  • There will be an answer, let it be ( The Beatles song lyric )
  • There's no answer to that ( A catchphrase from Morecambe and Wise )
  • Think on your feet
  • We answer to a higher authority ( Hebrew National hot dogs advertising slogan )

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