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  • A bull and cow ( Cockney rhyming slang for row or argument )
  • As camp as a row of tents
  • Boat person
  • Boat race ( Cockney rhyming slang for face )
  • Both oars in the water
  • Desolation Row ( Bob Dylan song )
  • Don't rock the boat
  • Fresh off the boat
  • Get your ducks in a row
  • Hard row to hoe
  • He doesn't have both oars in the water
  • In the same boat
  • Miss the boat
  • Murderers' Row ( A baseball expression denoting a group of talented individuals or valuable assets )
  • On death row
  • On skid row
  • Oxford Blue
  • Oxford scholar ( Cockney rhyming slang for dollar ) ( the meaning and origin of this phrase.. )
  • Push the boat out
  • Put your oar in
  • Rest on your oars
  • Row up Salt River
  • Row, row, row your boat
  • Shock and awe
  • The City of Dreaming Spires ( Nickname of the city of Oxford )
  • The Moscow on the Charles ( Nickname of Cambridge Massachusetts )
  • The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea in a beautiful pea-green boat ( line from nursery rhyme )
  • The People's Republic Of Cambridge ( Nickname of Cambridge Massachusetts )
  • The dreaming spires ( an idealised images of the colleges of Oxford )
  • Tough row to hoe
  • We're gonna need a bigger boat ( Jaws advertising tagline )
  • Whatever floats your boat
  • With silver bells and cockle shells and pretty maids all in a row ( line from nursery rhyme )
  • You're going to need a bigger boat ( Jaws )

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