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  • Above the law
  • Against the law
  • Brush with the law
  • Click it or ticket ( United States seat belt law advertising slogan )
  • Cold Mountain ( Jude Law / Renee Zellweger / Nicole Kidman movie )
  • Fall foul of the law
  • Go to law
  • Hard cases make bad law
  • His word is law
  • I arrest you in the name of the law
  • I fought the law and the law won
  • In the eyes of the law
  • Law abiding
  • Law and order
  • Law unto oneself
  • Lay the law down
  • One law for the rich and another for the poor
  • Outside the law
  • Possession is nine tenths of the law
  • Take someone to law
  • Take the law into your own hands
  • The law is an ass
  • The law of averages
  • The law of diminishing returns
  • The law of the jungle
  • The law of the land
  • The laws of nature
  • The letter of the law
  • The long arm of the law
  • There ought to be a law
  • There's no law against it

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