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A list of phrases related to the word "groups"...

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  • Baby Braves ( Nickname of a group of Atlanta Braves )
  • Engineering tomorrow's world ( BICC Group advertising slogan )
  • Faith group
  • First among equals ( the most senior person in a group of equal rank )
  • Group dynamics
  • Group hug ( a hug shared as an expression of friendship or solidarity )
  • Group of death ( the most difficult or competitive group in a sports tournament )
  • Group sex
  • Murderers' Row ( A baseball expression denoting a group of talented individuals or valuable assets )
  • Red Army Fraction ( German left wing terrorist group also call Red Army Faction )
  • Serving All our Community ( Brampton's Arts Group advertising slogan )
  • Us versus them ( denoting the emnity between two opposing groups )
  • Win faster ( One Brand Group advertising slogan )

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