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A list of phrases related to the word "gizzard"...

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  • A lump in the throat
  • Clear your throat
  • Cut throat competition
  • Cut your own throat
  • Deep Throat ( Nickname of Mark Felt )
  • Deep throat
  • For your throat's sake, smoke Craven 'A' - they never vary ( Craven 'A' Cigarettes advertising slogan )
  • Frog in the throat
  • Go for the throat
  • It's kind to your throat ( Craven 'A' Cigarettes advertising slogan )
  • Jump down my throat
  • My stomach thinks my throat's been cut
  • No throat irritation - no cough ( Lucky Strike Cigarettes advertising slogan )
  • Shove it down someone's throat
  • Smoke Craven 'A' - will not affect your throat ( Craven 'A' Cigarettes advertising slogan )
  • Sticks in your gizzard
  • Sticks in your throat
  • Stuck in his craw

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