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  • Action plan
  • Black list
  • Business plan
  • Cook up a plan
  • Crash programme
  • Drop dead list
  • Failing to plan is planning to fail
  • Fancy meeting you here
  • Game plan
  • Genius bonus ( a joke or theme added to a programme aimed at well informed people )
  • Get with the program
  • Getting things done ( AmeriCorps national service program advertising slogan )
  • Hate watch ( viewing a television programme in order to mock it )
  • Hidden agenda
  • Hit list
  • I have a cunning plan ( A catchphrase from Blackadder )
  • I've got a little list
  • If you want to impress someone, put him on your Black list ( Johnny Walker Black Whiskey advertising slogan )
  • Laundry list
  • Man with a plan
  • Meeting of the minds
  • Net meeting
  • On the critical list
  • On the sick list
  • Paternal bonus ( a joke or theme added to a childrens programme aimed at adults )
  • Plan B
  • Plan ahead
  • Schindler's List ( Steven Spielberg movie )
  • Short list
  • The top of the programme
  • There is no Plan B
  • Tonight's top ten list ( A catchphrase from David Letterman In The Late Show )
  • Wallpaper the meeting
  • You, of all people ( exclamation when meeting someone unexpectedly )

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