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  • A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Future: Twists And Turns, And Lessons Learned ( Michael J. Fox book )
  • A diller, a dollar, a ten o'clock scholar
  • A gentleman and a scholar
  • Absent minded professor
  • American Pie ( Don Mclean song )
  • And the Academy Award goes to...
  • Captain Underpants And The Perilous Plot Of Professor Poopypants ( Dav Pilkey book )
  • Crazy Gun Barney ( Nickname of Barney Fife ( Don Knotts ) )
  • Dandy Don ( Nickname of American football player Don Meredith )
  • Doctor Strangelove Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb ( Peter Sellers movie )
  • Donnie ( Nickname of baseball player Don Mattingly )
  • High culture ( refined artistic or intellectual achievement )
  • In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on ( Robert Frost quotation )

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