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A list of phrases related to the word "worthless"...

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  • A load of rubbish
  • As useless as a chocolate fireguard
  • As useless as a chocolate teapot
  • As useless as tits on a boar
  • Bad egg ( the meaning and origin of this phrase.. )
  • Beneath contempt
  • Better off dead
  • Bottom of the bin
  • Busted flush
  • Fool's gold ( a brassy yellow mineral that the inexperienced prospector may mistake for gold )
  • Fort Worthless ( Nickname of Fort Worth Texas )
  • Good for nothing
  • Junk bond
  • Liar's loan
  • Not fit for a dog
  • Not much cop
  • Not worth a plugged nickel
  • Not worth a tinker's dam ( the meaning and origin of this phrase.. )
  • Not worth the candle
  • Not worth the paper it's printed on
  • Pond scum
  • Poor thing but mine own
  • Resistance is futile ( A catchphrase from Star Trek )
  • Resistance is useless
  • Rubbish in rubbish out
  • Strictly for the birds
  • Sub-prime mortgage
  • That dog won't hunt
  • Toxic paper
  • Would not get out of bed for

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