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  • Accuracy to seconds a month ( Pulsar Watches advertising slogan )
  • Come to the Central Park Zoo Cafeteria. Let the animals watch you eat for a change ( Central Park Zoo advertising slogan )
  • Equal pay, equal time ( Bulova Watches advertising slogan )
  • Hate watch ( viewing a television programme in order to mock it )
  • Just watch
  • Keep watch
  • Night Watch ( Terry Pratchett book )
  • Not on my watch
  • See that girl, watch that scene ( ABBA lyric )
  • Spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch
  • The Black Watch ( Nickname of The Royal Highland Regiment )
  • The mainspring in a Bulova is made to last 256 years or 146 leather straps - whichever comes first ( Bulova Watches advertising slogan )
  • The one to watch ( Channel 7 Australia advertising slogan )

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