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A list of phrases related to the word "vacation"...

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  • A place in the sun ( an idealistic dream of a sunny hideaway )
  • Bucket and spade holiday
  • Busman's holiday
  • Clunk click every trip ( Road Safety Campaign advertising slogan )
  • Guilt trip
  • Holiday cheer ( good feelings during a holiday, especially Christmas )
  • Holiday of a lifetime
  • Holiday romance
  • Is this trip necessary?
  • Klunk! Klick, every trip ( UK Public Information Film advertising slogan )
  • Lay a trip on someone
  • Pleasing people the world over ( Holiday Inn advertising slogan )
  • Power trip
  • Road trip
  • Roman holiday
  • Round trip trading
  • Trip of a lifetime
  • Trip the light fantastic
  • Vacation is a world where there are no locks on the doors or the mind or the body ( Club Med Resorts advertising slogan )
  • Vocation vacation
  • Your perfect trip ( Expedia advertising slogan )

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