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  • Build A Better Life By Stealing Office Supplies ( Dilbert )
  • Buy and sell
  • Buy it Sell it Love it ( eBay advertising slogan )
  • Daylight saving time ( the adjustment of clocks to provide longer evening daylight )
  • Deliver the goods
  • In short supply
  • Nonrenewable resource
  • Pile it high and sell it cheap
  • Saviour sibling ( a child born in order to provide a transplant for another with a fatal disease )
  • Sell out
  • Sell someone a dummy
  • Sell your grandmother
  • Sell your soul to the devil
  • Stand and deliver
  • Supply and demand
  • We drink all we can, the rest we sell ( Utica Club advertising slogan )
  • We sell more cars than Ford, Chrysler, Chevrolet, and Buick combined ( Matchbox advertising slogan )
  • We will sell no wine before it is time ( Paul Masson Wines advertising slogan )

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