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  • I wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole
  • Kick it into touch
  • Light the blue touch paper and retire
  • Light touch
  • Little strokes fell great oaks
  • Lose touch with
  • Lose your touch
  • Magic touch
  • Never do a stroke of work
  • Reach out and touch someone ( American Telephone & Telegraph advertising slogan )
  • So fast your feet won't touch the ground
  • Soft touch
  • Stay in touch
  • Stroke of luck
  • The Midas touch
  • The common touch
  • The skin you love to touch ( Woodbury Soap advertising slogan )
  • The stroke of midnight
  • Today something we do will touch your life ( Union Carbide and Carbon advertising slogan )
  • Touch Of Evil ( Charlton Heston / Orson Welles movie )
  • Touch and go
  • Touch base
  • Touch bottom
  • Touch my monkey! ( A catchphrase from Sprockets In Saturday Night Live )
  • Touch wood
  • Touch your heart ( Taiwan advertising slogan )
  • Vinegar strokes

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