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A list of phrases related to the word "security"...

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  • Alarmed? You should be ( Moss Security advertising slogan )
  • Bunny suit ( Canadian military slang term for a cbrn ( chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear ) )
  • Clunk click every trip ( Road Safety Campaign advertising slogan )
  • Homeland security
  • Hostage to fortune
  • I'm convinced the Goodyear Grand Prix-S is a major contribution to road safety ( Goodyear Tyres advertising slogan )
  • Lulled into a false sense of security
  • Packet sniffer
  • Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels
  • Peace of mind
  • Place of safety
  • Safety first
  • Safety in numbers
  • Safety net
  • Shave yourself ( Gillette safety razor advertising slogan )
  • Stop, Look and Listen; remember the Green Cross Code ( UK Road Safety Campaign advertising slogan )
  • You could learn a lot from a dummy, Buckle Up ( National Highway Traffic Safety Administration advertising slogan )
  • You know it makes sense ( Road Safety Campaign advertising slogan )

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