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  • An ill-favoured thing sir, but mine own
  • Anti personnel mine
  • Baby Jordan ( Nickname of basketball player Harold Miner )
  • Back to the salt mine
  • Day surgery ( minor surgery that does not require the patient to stay in hospital overnight )
  • Her Honeymoon - and it should have been mine! ( Listerine Mouthwash advertising slogan )
  • I Me Mine ( The Beatles song )
  • I scratch your back and you scratch mine
  • Make mine Moxie ( Moxie soda advertising slogan )
  • Make mine a double
  • Mine host
  • Mine is bigger than yours
  • Mine of information
  • Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine ( Casablanca )
  • Poor thing but mine own
  • That Silver-Haired Daddy of Mine ( Gene Autry song )
  • Victory is mine
  • You too can have a body like mine ( Charles Atlas advertising slogan )
  • Your guess is as good as mine
  • Your place or mine?

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