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  • Feel good factor
  • Figure painting ( a form of painting in which the human body is the subject )
  • Force the issue
  • Free enterprise with every issue ( The Economist advertising slogan )
  • Frequently asked question
  • Have you any last requests? ( humorous question asked as though a person was about to be killed )
  • Hot button issue
  • Hot topic
  • Issue forth
  • It's a family affair
  • Just a question of time
  • Landscape painting ( a form of painting in which the natural world is the subject )
  • Leading question
  • Mint condition
  • Mint green
  • Out of the question
  • Pop the question
  • Portrait painting ( a form of painting in which the human face is the subject )
  • Publish and be damned
  • Skirting the issue
  • Snooze factor
  • Stand and deliver
  • Still life ( a form of painting in which inanimate objects are the subject )
  • Style over substance ( an emphasis on image rather than issues )
  • Take issue with
  • The Thomas Crown Affair ( Steve McQueen movie )
  • The X Factor
  • The answer's yes. Now what's the question? ( Unipart advertising slogan )
  • The mint with the hole ( Polo Mints advertising slogan )
  • The results are in ( A catchphrase from X Factor and other similar shows )
  • The sixty-four thousand dollar question
  • There are two sides to every question
  • To be or not to be: that is the question ( from a Hamlet by Shakespeare )
  • To bring the wolves out - Riding Hood Red ( Max Factor Cosmetics advertising slogan )
  • War movie ( a film with war as the subject matter )
  • Without question

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