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  • All Quiet On The Western Front ( Erich Maria Remarque book and WWII movie )
  • Anything for a quiet life
  • As quiet as a mouse
  • Conspiracy of silence
  • Deafening silence
  • Hush a bye
  • Hush it up
  • Hush money
  • Hush puppies
  • Hush up
  • I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti ( The Silence of the Lambs )
  • Lapse into silence
  • Most men live lives of quiet desperation
  • Mute witness
  • On the quiet
  • Quiet before the storm
  • Radio silence
  • Save your breath
  • Save your breath to cool your porridge
  • Silence is golden
  • Speech is silver but silence is golden
  • The Quiet Man ( Nickname of John Ruiz )
  • The Silence Of The Lambs ( Jodie Foster / Anthony Hopkins movie )
  • The Sound Of Silence ( Simon and Garfunkel song )
  • The silence was deafening
  • Wall of silence
  • You can't keep quiet about a Wispa ( Cadbury's Wispa advertising slogan )

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