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  • Go under the knife
  • Greasy spoon ( a small cheap cafe selling fried food )
  • He who sups with the Devil should use a long spoon
  • If all the world were Jell-O, And whipped cream filled the sea, Then the only spoon from here to the moon Would have to belong to me ( Jell-O Gelatin Dessert advertising slogan )
  • Knife and fork it
  • Mac the Knife ( Nickname of Harold Macmillan )
  • Mack The Knife ( Bertold Brecht song )
  • Not the sharpest knife in the drawer
  • Olive branch
  • On a knife edge
  • Religious divide
  • Root and branch
  • Silver service ( a method of serving food using silver cutlery )
  • Spade work
  • That's not a knife; that's a knife ( Crocodile Dundee )
  • The Mahatma ( Nickname of Branch Rickey executive )
  • The dish ran away with the spoon ( line from nursery rhyme )
  • The north south divide
  • Twist the knife
  • When the bough breaks the cradle will fall, and down will come baby, cradle and all ( line from nursery rhyme )
  • White man speak with forked tongue
  • Win the wooden spoon
  • You could have cut the atmosphere with a knife
  • You'll never put a better bit of butter on your knife ( Country Life butter advertising slogan )

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