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A list of phrases related to the word "flex"...

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  • A Bouquet Of Barbed Wire ( Andrea Newman book )
  • Arch enemy
  • Bend over backwards to help
  • Bend the rules
  • Bend to my will
  • Bend your ear
  • Bend your elbow
  • Cable ready
  • Cleans round the bend ( Harpic Lavatory Cleaner advertising slogan )
  • Down to the wire
  • Drive by wire
  • Flex your muscles
  • Fly by wire
  • Gag reflex ( The involuntary spasm caused by something touching the back of one's mouth )
  • Go down to the wire
  • High wire act
  • Live wire
  • Round the bend
  • The Big Bend State ( Nickname of the US state of Tennessee )
  • Under the wire

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