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  • A drowning man will clutch at a straw
  • A forlorn hope
  • As miserable as sin
  • Backs to the wall
  • Brothers In Arms ( Dire Straits album )
  • Counsel of despair
  • Depths of despair
  • Desperate Dan ( a cowboy strongman character in the British comic The Dandy )
  • Desperate Housewives ( 2004 comedy drama television series )
  • Desperate measures
  • Dire consequences
  • Get to the end of your tether
  • Hang on like grim death
  • In a critical condition
  • In dire straits
  • Last resort
  • Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair ( from a poem by Shelley )
  • Miserable specimen
  • Mission critical
  • Money For Nothing ( Dire Straits song )
  • Most men live lives of quiet desperation
  • On the critical list
  • Parlous state
  • Scraping the bottom of the barrel
  • The worried well
  • Up against it
  • Worried sick

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