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  • Bring out your dead
  • Bring pressure to bear
  • Bring something to light
  • Bring tears to your eyes
  • Bring the house down
  • Bring to a head
  • Bring to an end
  • Bring to bear
  • Bring to book
  • Bring to light
  • Bring to the boil
  • Bring to the table
  • Bring up
  • Bring up short
  • Bring up to date
  • Bring your A game ( perform to your best ability )
  • Brought down
  • Brought down to earth
  • Brought into the world
  • Brought to blows
  • Brought to book
  • Brought to heel
  • Brought to light
  • Dance With The One That Brought You ( Shania Twain song )
  • March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers
  • That brought it home to me
  • To bring the wolves out - Riding Hood Red ( Max Factor Cosmetics advertising slogan )
  • We bring good things to life ( General Electric advertising slogan )
  • We make things that bring people closer ( Western Electrics advertising slogan )

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