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  • Bust a gut
  • Bust a move ( dance in a stylish way )
  • Bust digits
  • Bust someone's ass
  • Bust your balls
  • Bust your buttons
  • Bust your chops
  • Do you want a shape like a bra? Or do you want a shape like a woman? ( Warner's Body Bra advertising slogan )
  • Go bust
  • Go topless
  • Hope springs eternal in the human breast ( from a poem by Alexander Pope )
  • I dreamed I stopped traffic in my Maidenform bra ( Maidenform advertising slogan )
  • I dreamed I went shopping in my Maidenform bra ( Maidenform advertising slogan )
  • In Abraham's bosom
  • Keep abreast of
  • Line abreast
  • Little Robin Red breast sat upon a tree ( line from nursery rhyme )
  • Make a clean breast of it
  • Music has charms to soothe the savage breast
  • Nip slip ( the inadvertent exposure of a woman's nipple )
  • Not many of them to the pound
  • Over the shoulder boulder holder ( jokey term for bra )
  • Side boob ( the side of a female breast revealed by skimpy clothing )
  • The one and only Wonderbra ( Wonderbra advertising slogan )
  • Tit for tat
  • Training bra
  • Triumph has the bra for the way you are ( Triumph Lingerie advertising slogan )
  • Wardrobe malfunction ( when an item of clothing slips out of place to expose part of the body - typically a woman's breast )

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